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A wooden end table being polished

High quality French polishing around Kendal:

Remove scratches and heat marks

If your antique or favourite furniture has scratches, moisture damage or heat marks, you don't need to worry. Our polishing services will make your furniture look as good as new again. Whether you need a partial area to be re-polished or the whole furniture or structure needs to be completely refurbished, our comprehensive services cover all aspects of furniture repair, upholstery and restoration along with exclusive leather repairs.

  • White ring removal and moisture damage repair

  • In-house polishing and floor restoration

  • Bars and counter tops

  • Painted finishes

  • Kitchens and staircases

  • New build snagging

  • Pianos and stools

  • Fireproof lacquers

  • Colour matching or alteration

  • Desk leathering

  • Frame re-clamping

  • Joint restoration

  • Polishing for doors and panelling

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The French polishing experts

If you are worried about your weary-looking furniture, let Allshaw Upholstery & Interiors take a look at it and offer reliable solutions. We are capable of returning your furniture to its former glory with our expert French polishing services. Whether it is minor or major work, our specialists always strive to offer you professional services along with excellent craftsmanship. We can perform French polishing on various types of furniture, and you will be able to choose from a diverse range of shades that suits your style and preferences.

A large circular wooden table that's been highly polished. A stylish wooden end table A heavy looking oak chair